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Internet girlfriend

I ship spirk and mckirk so prepare yourself for that

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Anonymous: what the flippity flak... you were meant for each other omg

I know lololololol I just want to kiss is lil bby face


Karl Urban

Today in chem, we went outside and blew up stuff and I kinda have a video, and my chemistry teacher just happens to be in it. So I’ll post the video for the science but my teacher is the bonus

Also he came up to me and goes “I have a joke for you” and of course I’m like, what is it? And he goes “so, what did Captain Kirk say when he proposed to his wife? Engage!” he’s so cute, and he doesn’t know anything about Star Trek so when he saw it somewhere, he had to of thought of me. He’s so cute :))))

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An alternate reality.

space is strange, doctor

i’ve got no patience

Deanna, my dear! It’s Mother!

I have no idea what I’m supposed to do

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